Hair Loss

Hair loss and Hair transplantation

Hair has been of social and psychological importance throughout the centuries. Hair plays an important role in human social and sexual communication.
Hair loss (alopecia and scalp problem are very common. Out of 10 males 6 are suffering from hair loss. Hair loss of any kind frequently causes major distress for the patient and can lead to anxiety and depression.

Hair loss and Hair transplantation

Some facts about normal hairs

1) The entire scalp contains about 100000 pigmented terminal hairs.
2) Average density is about 100to 125 hairs /CM2
3) Average diameter ranges from 50 to 120 mm.
4) Hair grows approximately 1cm/month or 0.35 mm/Day.
5) The Scalp sheds about 100hairs /Day.

Hair Growth Cycle
Every hair follicle undergoes an individual recurring cycle with growing and resting phase
Anagen: This is growing period, persist for about 2-8 years. About 80-90% of hairs are in this phase.
Catagen Phase: This transition phase lasting for about 3 weeks, during which hair follicle undergoes programmed apoptosis.
Telogen Phase: This is resting phase that last around three months. During telogen phase, the hair does not grow longer.

1) What is alopecia or hair loss?
Normally we have about 1 lack hair follicles on our scalp. These hairs are in anagen phase (Terminal hairs) which remain for about 8-10 years and fall away giving way for new hair from hair but(root). It is average to lose 30-50 strands of hairs. If hair loss is above this is considered as hair loss and is time to seek help of doctor.
2. What are type of hair loss?
There are two types of hair loss :
1) Unpattern Hair loss(Diffuse)
2) Pattern hair loss- Hair loss occurs in particular pattern like Male Pattern Baldness(MPB) and Female Pattern Baldness.
3) Hair loss may be Scarring(Cicatricial) or Non Scarring(Noncicatricial)